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Technical Problem 5 from Fiberglass Compression Molding--Swell.


Technical Problem 5 from Fiberglass Compression Molding--Swell. 

Description:a semicircular swell on the surface of solidified fiberglass compression molding part.

Condition 1:Entrapped air between fiberglass sheets.
Solution:Remove the interlayer air by pre-pressing method and reduce the feeding area to facilitate the discharge of air. 

Condition 2:The tooling temperature is too high (evaporation of monomer).
Solution:low tooling temperature. 

Condition 3:Solidifying period is too short (evaporation of monomer).
Solution:Extend solidifying period.

Condition 4:There is dry fiber.
Solution:Reduce the viscosity of the resin.Install more work rolls in the impregnation area, and heat the dip rollers.Replace the glass fiber.

Condition 5:There are burrs in the cavity of fiberglass compression  tooling.
Solution:Carefully remove the burrs in cavity of tooling.

Condition 6:Fiberglass sheet is too soft.
Solution:Increase the thickening of fiberglass SMC raw material or increase the content of thickener.

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